Hi, I’m Stefan!

I am a researcher focused on the human side of emerging technologies, currently doing 🆒 user research stuff at Spotify. 🎶

Since forever I have had an interest in humans, and lately my ultimate goal has been in making technology more human-like. In HCI research, I am interested in exploring the impact of emerging technologies on human cognition and behaviour; for ex. exploring multitasking, automation, information processing and cognitive load. All fancy words thrown to say that I just wanna learn how humans behave around this strange tech, and I practically wanna make it more human-like for them. 🧠

How do I do that? In my work I approach research from a mixed method perspective – combing large-scale quantitative and in -depth qualitative data. My background is in Human-Computer Interaction from Eindhoven University of Technology. My doctoral dissertation focused on researching the ‘many ways’ HCI practitioners can humanize chatbots. However, over the years studying and working, my projects spanned over voice and conversational user interfaces, GUIs, augmented reality, personalisation techniques, and agents’ recommendations, specifically in the field of healthcare, well-being tech and automotive. Above all, now I am in the music and subscription space – who would understand me? 🧭

Alongside being interested in humans, I am a big promoter of community (communities are everything 🦄). I am a member of SIGCHI’s communications team and a co-chair for caste studies for CHI’20 and CHI’21, and part of the Dutch CHI local chapter. Recently I’ve been involved in mentoring at ‘Ladies that UX Amsterdam’.